Exercise #4: Eric Jansen: “Print Journalism is not dying”

The Saturday Paper editor has said the media will have to change in a way so the audience will be more engaged.

Eric Jansen was talking to Journalism students at RMIT University yesterday morning.

According to Mr Jansen, interactivity with the audience will be the future, which is what The Saturday Paper is about to do.

Mr Jansen said he had never felt exploited as a 15-year-old journalist.

No, I learned a lot in these times and I could learn the craft of Journalism from the best,” he said.

Mr Jansen also emphasised the importance of good, balanced sources.

Sources are fundamental,” Mr Jansen said, “It’s about not running with a single source. All Journalists should have background sources.”

There is a chance they are using you to run their agenda,” Mr Jansen said. That is something future Journalists should be aware of.

The stories he liked to cover most were investigative ones.

It’s a good feeling to know if I hadn’t written it, no one else did,” he said.

Mr Jansen said The Saturday Paper likedgood writing and good stories”.

It’s as simple as that,” he said.

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